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Condominium Management

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Krown Property Management specializes in the management of commercial condominium associations throughout the St. John's NL area. We understand that the key to successfully managing and maintaining the value of a commercial property is in retaining tenants. The sincere and reliable connection that we have built with our commercial tenants has allowed us to provide unsurpassed commercial condominium management service.

Our services help to provide condominium boards with the peace of mind in knowing that their property is well managed and their investment is secure. We are well versed in all the intricacies of existing and new condominium developments. Our property managers are very knowledgeable in matters involving building mechanical systems and structural components. Ongoing repair and maintenance issues are a major priority and receive immediate attention.

Krown’s management of condominiums consists of timely, well-prepared financial statements and budget reports. Our objective is to develop management solutions based on a clear understanding of the condominium’s ongoing operations, as well as the Board and Owners’ specific needs and key goals.

Call us today and we will be delighted to discuss how Krown Property Management can simplify your commercial condo management needs.

  • Collection of Common Element Fees and Rent

  • Follow up of Accounts Receivable

  • Processing of Accounts Payable

  • Preparation of Annual Budgets and Financial Statements

  • Preparation of Payroll

  • Submissions of Government Remittances

  • Securing Proper and Adequate Insurance

  • Preparation of Status Certificates

  • Maintaining Corporation Registries and Files

  • Enforcement of Declaration, By-laws, Rules and Regulations

  • Administration, Communication, and Correspondence

  • Hiring and Supervising Sub-contractors, Trades, and Site Employees

  • Site Inspections, Reporting, and Follow-Up

  • Retrofitting and Consulting

  • Leasing

  • 24-Hour Service and Support

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