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Suburb Houses

Home Ready Checklist

Use This Checklist To Prepare Your Home To Sell!

Floors and Walls

  • Remove dirt and stains

  • Repair excessive wear or damage

  • Clean rugs and carpeted areas

  • Clean/refresh walls and ceilings

  • Remove dirt, fingerprints, and other stains

  • Remove nail or thumb-crack holes and remove tape residue

  • Repair cracks, chips, water damage

  • Repaint or replace wallpaper if necessary

  • Use neutral, light colors to give a feeling of space

Closets and Storage Areas

  • Clean and organize

  • Ensure welcome mats clean and inviting

Living Areas and Bedrooms

  • Depersonalize spaces by removing personal and family photos

  • Thoroughly vacuum/dust

  • Remove excess furniture to create space

  • Ensure furniture is clean and in good repair

  • Clean wood and other surfaces

  • Organize and keep bookshelves neat, organized and clutter-free

  • Ensure children's games/toys are stored neatly

  • Remove and store fragile items

  • Remove and lock away smaller valuables

  • Keep window coverings open for views and sunlight

  • Clean mirrors and ensure they are in good repair

  • Clean ashtrays and keep them out of sight

  • Clean fireplace and stack logs and kindling neatly

Structures Outside Your Home

  • Add flowers or arrangements for curb appeal

  • Remove all out of season festive lights and decorations

  • Ensure exterior surfaces are clean and in good condition

  • Ensure exterior front door is clean and inviting

  • Clean and repair eavestroughs/downspouts

  • Ensure gates open/close properly with good working hardware

  • Ensure fences/decks are in good repair

  • Ensure sidewalks and walkways are in good repair

  • Ensure driveway is clean and in good repair

Yard and Environment

  • Ensure driveways/sidewalks clear of snow and ice

  • Ensure lawns are mowed/edged regularly

  • Ensure large bare spots are repaired or removed from lawns

  • Remove leaves from lawns and flower beds

  • Prune and trim trees and hedges

  • Weed and tidy flower beds and replace dead plants

  • Remove junk and scrap

  • Clean and organize lawn furniture and ensure it is in good repair

  • Store bicycles and children's toys neatly out of the way

  • Organize and stack firewood neatly

  • Ensure dog runs are secure and that yard is free of doggy deposits

Basement, Utility Rooms, Garage, Attic and Storage

  • Clean and organize all rooms

  • Remove clutter and excess junk

  • Ensure remaining items are stored and neatly stacked

  • Make sure everything is thoroughly vacuumed/dusted

Bathrooms/Powder Room

  • Ensure every surface is sparkling clean

  • Organize countertops and ensure they are free of clutter

  • Ensure sinks are clean and spotless and that faucets are working properly

  • Clean tub and shower surfaces

  • Ensure towels are stain-free and hanging neatly

  • Ensure shower curtain is clean and in good repair

  • Clean toilet and ensure it is working properly

  • Organize and free closets of clutter

  • Clean medicine cabinet and remove personal items


  • Ensure all bulbs are working and proper wattage

  • Repair broken switches, exposed wiring

  • Ensure table and floor lamps working properly


  • Ensure every surface is sparkling clean

  • Organize countertops and store all but daily use appliances

  • Clean/organize the refrigerator inside and out

  • Remove frost from the freezer. Ensure lightbulbs are working

  • Clean oven/stovetop and burner trays

  • Clean sinks and ensure faucets are working properly and leak-free

  • Ensure garbage disposal is in good working condition

  • Organize and clean cupboards/pantry

  • Clean and remove stains from dishwasher

Entryways and Hallways

  • Clean and remove clutter and obstructions

  • Ensure welcome mats are clean and inviting

Pet Areas

  • Clean, organize, ensure they are odour-free

Window Coverings

  • Remove dirt and stains

  • Repair or replace if excessive wear or sun damage

  • Ensure they open/close easily and that hardware is working properly


  • Clean glass and ensure windows are chip/crack-free

  • Ensure windows open/close easily

  • Ensure latches/handles/locks secure and working properly

  • Remove dirt and fingerprints from frames and sills

  • Clean screens and repair holes

  • Ensure storm windows are in good condition

Suburb Houses
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